Thursday, August 20, 2009

The future's so bright... and only getting better!

As we begin your last year of high school, I would like to encourage you to think beyond this year. An article in TIME magazine titled "The Way We'll Work", explores the way the job market will change over the next few years.

I would like you to comment on your particular section of the article and discuss whether you agree or disagree; how you think this connects to this course; how this applies to your approach this year.

Be prepared to share your thoughts with your classmates tomorrow.


  1. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    I agree with this article. First, it states that jobs in business and finance are losing their appeal, because of recent contractions/instability in the economy.
    Next, it states that jobs in math, science, and information technologies are expected to expand. Finally, it states that sectors like health care and education will also be a safe bet, as our population is aging. Overall, this article's message is to look at what society will need in the future, as it will be crucial to how much success you achieve.

    This article connects to this course, because math is the base of technology. As technology becomes more advanced - cloud computing, nanotechnology, genomics - math will become even more applicable and critical to have knowledge of. If we do not have the required math skills, getting jobs in the area of technology will be difficult.

    The article applies to my approach this year, because I will ensure that I succeed in the areas of math and science, so that I can study them further in university to ensure a job that will play a prominent role in the future of society.

  2. Women Will Rule Business

    I have always believed that women and their abilities have been minimized in the business field and such a mentality truly disturbs me. This article has not only eradicated such a stereotype but also propelled the notion that it is vital to have women in positions of authority and power. Due to their understanding of the consumer market and of human behaviour and communication, women are crucial in the success of modern business management and thus, a higher return on equities.

    Although this article truly touches upon aspects of this functions course by mentioning equities, consumer purchases and productivity, it also states a number of concepts that can be applied in succeeding in this course. Terms like collaboration, consensus building, motivation and productivity all build the foundation for an exemplary student and are required in the development of strong work ethics. By working with others and providing a positive, proactive atmosphere, just about any goal can be accomplished.

  3. It will pay to save the planet

    I am sure everyone can agree that the North American economy is not what it used to be earlier this decade. With this "slump" in the economy, work has been harder to find, and unemployment is rising too close to a double digit percentile. On the complete other side of things, there is our environment is also falling downhill. This includes the global warming umbrella with CO2 emissions and all, deforestation, pollution; and much more.

    We are shortly moving into a new decade, this year, and it will be prudent that these issues are on their way to being resolved. Mathematics, after all, is all about problem solving by incorporating different logical and creative methods.

    The government is trying to do this by killing two birds with one stone. They are investing billions in creating "green" jobs. Some green jobs listed in this article include people who manufacture solar panels, and steel workers who manufacture metal used in wind turbines, or contractors who weatherize homes. There are already 750 000 green jobs in the USA, and it is predicted that green jobs can account for up to 10% of all job growth. Essentially, the government is investing money to create more jobs that in turn, will spark the economy again, and also save the earth, one paycheck at a time.

  4. Yes, We'll Still Make Stuff

    Agreed. I never knew the U.S is the world's largest manufacturer. Second place goes to China for making the most stuff. How many things to we see that has the "Made in China" logo? With the recession, it doesn't mean that growth will increase jobs for people. Instead, money is used to constantly improve the technology that is used to manufacture, which makes American workers to double their productivity. This results in workers to be more efficient, but at the same time, many has lost jobs because of this.

    It also depends on who employs who. The article states that some manufacturing plants hire Asian women to do sewing because that is what they are good at. On the other hand, there are Japanese, Korean, and German automakers in the U.S. that will employ American workers. It makes sense to build the cars near the people you expect to buy them. So in conclusion, it only makes sense to hire people who know what they are doing. It creates a win-win situation for the employee and the employer because both are still earning money.

    It only makes sense to be working in a job that you enjoy doing.

  5. I read the section of the article titled, "It Will Pay to Save the Planet" and I strongly agree with the ideas presented in it. It says that jobs can be created in sectors that focus on green initiatives and companies can shift their focus towards an environmentally sound and safe area in order to sort of "reinvent" themselves in times of crisis. The main idea of this article is that jobs can be created that are based on math, science, and typical "business" bases while having the environment and climate change in mind, thus creating a new sector for business. I agree with this article because I, myself, hope to have a job in the future that focuses on environmental standards while using the knowledge that I am currently attaining in math and science courses. This article connects to math class for just that reason - the skills and topics that are learned in math classes (problem solving, analysis, etc.) can aid in the crusade towards improving the environment. Furthermore, this article says that the same jobs as before (based on math and science) can be created but with the environment as a sort of backbone. For example, the typical “sales manager” job can be created in a new sector of business that focuses on selling environmentally friendly products. This article applies to my approach this year because it strengthens the ideas and hopes that I have for the future. It reinforces my understanding that a solid understanding of math and science will play a huge role in any job I take on in the future.

  6. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    To start off a thought: since technology has grown and developed so rapidly recently, this has created new jobs for the newly graduated. ie. "Ten years ago, Facebook didn't exist. Ten years before that, we didn't have the Web"

    Throughout this article, it thoroughly explained how society is making it more and more difficult to get a job. Jobs dealing with sections such as finance are on the down fall however the city’s workforce has still grown 50% over the past decade! The reason for this is because of the technology that works itself into the science and math field. Technology has created nearly 85% new jobs!

    Another aspect of society that I find very striking is the growth of technology and how fast everything evolves! Cell phones for an instance, has developed rather quickly especially due to the opening of the Apple Company famous for the iPod, iTouch, Mac and iPhone. Now entrepreneurs are focusing on the future of touch technology and finding the next big thing determines what the big moneymaker of the future will be. Believe it or not, they are coming up with an electronic touch-sensitive coffee table! One of its features is to transfer data without any cables. For example, place a digital camera on the table and it will automatically transfer pictures to the computer built inside the table!

    I agree with everything in this article because as a student that is at a critical stage in my life where choosing a life career and working towards that goal of picking the right path to take will determine my future. I have to look at all the rising options and since jobs are more difficult to get and the number of jobs formed in the science and math departments are growing quickly - I have even more to consider! Therefore at this moment, I have decided that I will make the study of science/math my second choice in case there is a huge difficulty of getting a “future” from studying the arts. Since I am more artistically/musically inclined, I would hope that I could do something I appreciate and enjoy doing.

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  8. Article : Women Will Rule Business?

    I have read the section of the article entitled, "Women Will Rule Business". Although I did agree to some points that the article promoted, I do not agree with the overall contents of the article. It may be true that there are evidence that support the fact that females are capable of doing great things in any business. However, I do not believe that women will "rule" the business world in the future.

    Although the numbers show that women are indeed very necessary in the business world, it does not necessarily prove that women will "rule" over men. The female management style may have some advantages, however, it can not be seen as flawless. It may be true that females work more cautiously than males but, business involves taking risks. These risks can be much more beneficial and profitable for the business at times. Therefore the qualities of both men and women are necessarily in bring maximum potential to a business. Needless to say, there will be significantly more women working in businesses than ever, due to the market and the realization that women have become essential in business. Anyhow, I believe that neither genders will "rule" business.

  9. I read the article "the last days of cubicle life". I agree with what the article is saying. The author of the aritcle is explaining what he thinks work life will be like in the future. He thinks that in the future, cubicle offices will no longer be used since they are very inefficient and costly. Instead, people will be working from home, and most of the meetings or work wil be doen online with the other co-workers. This way, it saves everyone time and money.
    The article also states that there will be no need to process words or numbers manually becuas ethe internet is now able to do that for us. This makes our jobs easier, and also faster. The article also mentions that if everyone changes to working from home, people working as receptionists, placeholders, or errand-runners will be diminished. Everyone will focus on finding the essential people and outsourcing the rest.
    I agree that what the author foresees in the future, as presented in this article, is possible. This is because many people are already beginning to only work from home, and many already use the internet to go to meetings. Some people even have conference calling which is similar to going to meeting but it is on the phone only. All these things prove that the future of office working will change dramatically very soon.
    I think the idea of working at home is better than driving through hours of traffic to sit down and type all day. This is becasue of many reasons. First, if you work at home, yuo will be able to save a lot of money from gas and car expenses. Also, it will help save the environment because less people will use cars and burn fossil fuels. Second, if the employee is working in the comfort of their own home, they may be able to work more efficiently since people usually work better if they are in a comfortable environment.
    In conclusion I beleive that the concepts presented in this article are possible, and work life will change from cubicle offices to home offices.

  10. The Last Days of Cubicle Life

    This article speculates that, within the forseeable future, only the most essential people will be sought for the workplace. People capable of managing the community and customers and people capable of producing creative ideas will be considered essential, and most other jobs will be outsourced. Cubicles will not be necessary, because most people will be working from home.

    I agree with this statement. The cubicle-centric workplace is very inefficient. It is expensive and time-inefficient, and much of the work can more cheaply be done at home using the Internet. As business owners constantly seek to save money, they will quickly find ways to decrease the amount of people necessary for a job without decreasing productivity. Menial work that does not need a paid employee will not be done by a paid employee. In addition, the work done can easily be monitored, so people will be more motivated to work; wasted time will be found out.

    In addition, many people will prefer this work environment because of the increased flexibility of their work hours, increased time spent with family, and decreased travel time.

    Internet technology makes this envisioned future possible, and many people will embrace it.

    A greater understanding of functions will help people become essential, not only because of the knowledge and all of its potential applications, but also because of the secondary skills gained through studying math. The mathematical processes (problem solving, reasoning and proving, reflecting, selecting tools and computational strategies, connecting, representing, and communicating) all promote thinking skills. This will allow people to become "brilliant designers, energetic brainstormers, and rigorous lab technicians", which are the predicted essential workers.

    This will affect my approach to the course throughout the year because mathematics will require more than just knowing how to apply the skill - I will have to learn to think like a mathematician, or I will likely find that I have little to offer to potential employers. It also supports my belief that mathematics will help me throughout life as I seek success, especially in the workplace.

  11. I read the article entitled "Women Will Rule Business." In summary, the article states that as more and more women enter into business, companies will grow and function better as a whole. Personally, I agree with this article. Under the management of women, businesses will do well long term. Women have been underestimated for too long, and it is time that society finally sees how much they can really accomplish.

    Throughout the advanced functions course, we as students must learn to manage ourselves like business women. We must be less competitive, heavily engaged, motivational, and become less hierarchial. This way, we will be able to learn more efficiently, and help each other out along the way.

  12. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    The article states that even though financial jobs are going downhill, job opportunities in mathematics and across the sciences are expected to expand. Not only that but jobs dealing with data communication and computer software engineering are also among the occupations projected to grow most explosively by 2016. The article states that the big moneymakers will be those dealing greatly with technology, such as cloud computing, nanotechnology and genomics. Finally the article also references that occupations dealing with Health care and education also have great job numbers since an aging population will open up oppurtunities.

    This article connects to this course because in this article it tells its audience the influence technology is having on our society. Due to our advancement in technology our society is able to open more job opportunities and build better,bigger things. Its through math that we further understand technology. Its through math that our society is able to make new gadgets and technology.

    overall this article applies to my approach this year because math is the base of all technological jobs. In order to secure an easy future i will have to work hard in my courses so that the obstacles ahead will be reduced.

  13. It Will Pay to Save the Planet

    This article offered a new perspective. If our world consisted of "green jobs" - jobs that will decrease the amount of carbon emissions, create effective energy usage and protect our one and only earth - we will both be able to create "meaningful work" for the unemployed AND, on top of that, put an end to our wasteful habits which is causing a climate crisis. This is our world, and in my opinion, it should be our number one priority to take care of it. I agree with green jobs, though it will hinder economy and prices for a period of time - in the long run, it has a positive effect for everyone.

    In this course, we may learn how to observe patterns, trends in economy. It is impossible to blindly attempt on creating thousands upon thousands of green jobs for the unemployed. Such a change, must require thorough planning and, of course, calculations. It is important to be able to speculate the outcome of this change - will the country be able to maintain a healthy economy while balancing a good amount of green-jobs? How many jobs will be lost? How many gained? If it isn't properly planned out, who knows what could happen?

    I understand that math is an important course upon this last year, and will try my best to fully understand everything there is to know. I want to be able to make a difference in this world - I might (such as in this article) need math to do it.

  14. The Last Days of Cubicle Life

    It is hard for us to keep up with the world and the technology that surrounds us. Everything is always changing at a fast pace and old things will become updated and newer. This concept, however, is not limited to technology or mere materialistic objects. It can also be applied to people and the working class. Those who do not perform up to standards or to the expectations of their boss will get replaced by someone who’s more reliable and knows what they’re doing. Ultimately, the more competent person will fill that deserving spot.

    The article states that “there will be a huge focus on finding the essential people and outsourcing the rest”. How can we become an essential person, someone that bosses would want to keep because you are valuable to their company? We have to be organized, diligent, confident, and have good discipline. Skills like these are honed while we are in school and learning more about our strengths and weaknesses. It’s better to start now and get into good habits rather than be sorry for it later on. The skill set that is described on report cards will actually mean something... so better start getting those “E’s” now, kids! Whether or not you work in a cubicle, your future depends on it.

  15. “Woman Will Rule Business”

    After having read the article Woman Will Rule Business, I firmly agree with the point that the article is trying to make. The author states that woman are better suited for the job as they are less competitive, in a positive way, and they make cautious decisions that affect the business and its growth. I think that business firms should take into account the statistics that woman have set across the nation and start to hire more woman on the job in order for them to make better decisions that will help the business in the future.
    Although I am agreeing with the article on many points, I do believe that it is essential to also have a handful of men working in business too. Their competitiveness and their strive to make money is needed within a business firm to keep the competitive energy running at all times. Therefore I believe that we should increase the amount of female business workers, however always have men included in the picture.

  16. Training Managers to Behave
    This article stated that there is a school to train all the managers called Thunderbird School of Global Management, it is next door to the cardinals stadium, where you can see Larry Fitzgearld or Kurt Warner play.

    The president of the school blamed B schools for the wall street collapse, because there was too much personal greed resulting in too much debt.

    there was a time in history, when business schools did try to instill values and norms, they aimed to create the position of managers that took cues from medicine and law. The thing that separates good and bad CEOs is which business school they attended.

  17. It Will Pay to Save the Planet
    The concept behind this article is very simple. With climate issues being such a problem as well as the recent unemployment troubles, a simple solution has been thought up to counter both. By creating a comprehensive energy program, millions of new jobs can be created but also, the terrible effects of climate change can be avoided. To me, what is there to disagree with? We are talking about saving the earth from disastrous natural changes and in the meantime, saving many from financial collapse. Both of which will not only benefit the world of today but that of countless generations to come.

    With the talk about unemployment rates and creating new jobs, mathematics is clearly seen within this reading. Certainly, some form of advanced functions will be needed in the process of bringing all these new jobs into existence and maintaining them for future decades. After all, global change is definitely not just a current concern but one that will continue into the far-off future. The analysis of the social and economic effects these "green" jobs have on our communities will also, without a doubt, be applicable with information from this course. Mathematics is involved in everything around us. It is no different in this case.

    My approach for this year is as simple as the concept behind this composition: learn what I need to learn so that I may aid in the developing of, as well as be a dependable citizen of, a better tomorrow.

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  19. It will Pay to Save the planet
    As the world becomes more aware of being "green" presidents and CEOs work towards creating many “green” jobs that will employ the unemployed. That's the plan anyways.

    Though I fully agree that these new jobs will be beneficial, one can not help but wonder how stable will this new industry be and how long will it take to get it off the ground?

    Though not directly laid out in the article, these new jobs will be related to advanced functions in some way. All the planning and creation of these new jobs will rely on advanced functions to see that this "green" future happens.

    My approach for this year is to work hard, learn well and perhaps work to change the world in some small way, even if it's making the world greener, by just picking up garbage.

  20. It Will pay to save the Planet

    As much as I would love to entirely agree in this grand scheme of saving both our earth as it inches towards the global climate threat and rescue our soaring unemployment rates, it is difficult to say that I highly doubt this concept will take flight in the near future if at all in the forseeable hereafter. As law professor, Andrew Morriss argues that this great idea may be all smokes and mirrors and our society may not be mature enough to endure the many obstacles that going green wouuld poise.

    Nevertheless meaningful, and i truly hope that I am underestimating our ability to execute this concept any further. I do envision that one day our earth is being preserved to the best of our abilities, that CO2 emissions are controlled, energy conservation is well underway, but these goals are not only pricey but demand much work and committment from the governement and public.

    I am sure nobody is against saving our earth and providing jobs for the newfound crew of unemployed blue collars but the question is, are you still willing to do so at your own expense? Energy and fuel prices will go up, regulations will be enforced, and how many of us are actually willing to put through or can afford to?

    All that was mentioned in the article is connected to math in one way or another, I mean what in this world does not cross paths with math at one point or another? Going green requries tons of research, and the basis of any technological advancement is math.

    My approach for this year is to thrive to well and achieve high in this course, and I belive in making a difference, no matter how small. A little can become a lot and maybe soon somebody will come up with an ideal plan to save our jobs and our earth at the same time!

  21. I Read the article "Women will Rule Business" and I agree with the article that many companies choose to hire women than men nowadays is because women seem to work efficiently than men. Also society should give women the chance to see how much they
    can accomplish to show that women can be just as useful as men.

    The course advanced functions applies to my approach this year because the article taught me that in order to succeed in life, you must learn to work hard for what you want to accomplish in life. Selecting business as a future career, I must do well in advanced functions so I can get into a good University Program. The article taught me to be independent and not rely on men due to the fact that women can work efficiently than men.

  22. When Gen X Runs the Show

    Different people represent different generations, for example, John F. Kennedy, who was one of the famous persons in the “Greatest Generation”, there is also McCain; the Republican Presidential nominee of the 2008 USA President Election who is a member of the “Silent Generation”… And now it is 2009, it is the “Baby Boom Generation”, the sons of the silent generation that is leading in the world. We can see that this is a cycle of generations; a new age tends to take over another in a period of time. So that is why, just as the article says, in 2019, generation X is going to replace the Baby Boom Generation to be the leader of the world. Actually, there are reasons to its rise of power.

    In fact, the educational level has been improved comparing to the years of the Baby Boom Generation due to the increasing popularity of schooling, this can enhance the efficiency of work. But the most important reason to their rise is the working experience of generation X because by calculation, in 2019, people at generation X will probably in their fifties. It is the peak of one’s career. With approximately thirty years of working experience, generation X is able to lead the world with their maturity since they have been facing various challenges throughout their career for example the economic depression due to SARS and the financial tsunami now, etc. They have also established broad links with people… At the same time, the baby boom generation will decline as they have become too old to manage the society. In other words, generation X is the only and capable one to run the world. They have skills, working experience and broad links of communication. With such fine qualities, it is definite that there are going to be big changes.

    Similarly, in certain years, generation Y will eventually take over generation X and become the dominator of the world. The cycle goes on and on.

  23. The Last Days of Cubicle Life

    It's purely wishful thinking on my behalf that a cubical life will continue to live on, but reality is not the case. This article thoroughly reflects the current trend of our forever evolving society. Businesses now a day have one goal in common: to gain maximum profit. So what's better than outsourcing employees and scrapping the office building? Now businesses will be left with the "essential people" and completing their work through the Internet. This method saves time and money, who wouldn't want that? Therefore I believe it's only a matter of time before "the cubicle life" will diminish.

    Advance Functions is related to this article because, "The Last Days of Cubicle Life" can be displayed as a decreasing exponential graph.The graph will depict the time when cubicles were once popular, to now, when its popularity is decreasing.

    Productivity is one of the by products of ending a cubicle life. And I too should become more productive in my studies this year. Not only because it is an important year, but it is also an excellent skill that I wish to master for the future.

  24. "Why Boomers Can't Quit"
    This article talks about how recent financial crisis in 1998 and now have caused people's retirement fund to decrease. It has decreased so much that it is predicted that people will have to extend retirement by 9 years in order to get back what has been lost. Economic experts have predicted that the employment rate will increase to 10% this decade due to the older workers (baby boomers) holding on tot heir jobs, which will not leave openings for any young workers.

    This article has changed my approached to school this year because now I plan to work even harder than ever before. Since there are less jobs available in the market I must try to stand out as much as I can in order to get ahead of my competition. And I plan to start by achieving an above average grade in high school, and trying my absolute hardest. I do not plan to be the one who gets left out with no job.

  25. We're Getting Off the Ladder

    This article talks about a program called Mass Career Customization (MCC). This program allow employees to seek more flexibility in their work place. At first some employees didnt really care about this program but now more and more companies are trying this program because they notcied that letting employee to have their flexibility in work and help them work more efficiently. This program is really easy because all employess had to do was to ask.

    This acticle had changed my approached to school this year because this article taught me that when there is a problem you need to ask and by that one question it might make a big change in many different ways. Therefore this year in advanced function I know what to do when i had a question. Is to Ask!

  26. Women Will Rule Business

    I agree with many points this article points out, however the title is misleading, as I do not think women will "rule" business. Women bring a more cautious management style than men do and the percentage of females that receive majority of degrees in post secondary education is impressive. Although, I think we need balance in the workplace as an even number of men and women would be ideal.

    This article has made me realize that I need to step up to the plate in order to achieve my goals. 100 years ago, women were not allowed to vote. This goes to show me that anything is possible and I am the only person who can help me.

  27. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    After reading this article, I have come to agree with it. The article states that jobs concerning finances have been decreasing. Though this has been a problem for some time now, there are still many more opportunities to advance further in current jobs. In other words, the article is stating that due to the increase of technology, jobs will either fall or change for the better. This leads to the improvement of professions in the fields of technology, mathematics, and science so that they will stay up to date. To conclude, there will not be any one career that will stay the same for a given period of time, but many of them will continue to grow just as we do when we adjust to the changing world.

    This article connects to the course because it gives many of us an understanding that mathematics is important, more now than ever before, for the development of these new careers that many of us will be working in.

    This applies to my approach this year because the article makes me aware that jobs are now expected to change and that the job I want - graphic design – will be different in the future because of improved software and changing industry needs.

  28. Yes, We'll Still Make Stuff

    This article seems very pro American, meaning that it's been written to glorify America. It's about how the United States' economic situation is heavily exaggerated. The article used their contribution to manufacturing as proof that America's economy is better than it seems. It's apparently the world's largest manufacturer, producing twice as much value as No. 2 China.

    I myself have always believed that America's economy was pretty bad because they seemed to be at the center of the blame for the global economic recession. In reality, the only industry of American manufacturing that's suffering is the auto-making industry.
    YYAYYYYY! This world is OKAY!

  29. Women Will Rule Business

    In this article, it speaks about the issue of having woman in the workplace being very essential towards the growth of the business and 'making more money'. Stated as a proven fact, women control 83% of all consumer purchases, this shows that they have the ability to work just as well as men do.

    Promoting the fact that women are less riskier than men, I believe that there should be a balance in the workplace. Putting together not only the ideas of women, but men as well, will give a very balanced and successful team.

    Although women are less competitive, men are more willing to take higher risks to achieve the goal intended. With that being said, the skills of the women in the workplace are definitely important, but having an equal balance of the skills of men and women together would give the business the strategies to conquer many business challenges.

  30. Women Will Rule Business

    In this article, it talks about how women have better characteristics to run a business. Such characteristics include time management, a lower competitiveness, consensus builders, conciliators and collaborators. These characteristics make a business seem secure and without risk.

    I agree that women do have great characteristics to run a first-rate business, but I disagree that men are the inferior sex to run a business. I think that a well blended mix of both female and male in companies is better than just female, especially in higher management. The business could use both characteristics of the female and male to produce a successful business. I think this article relates to the course that it reminds all students to not rely upon ourselves to understand everything and to only depend on ourselves. This article teaches us to also ask other people for help such as peers and teachers for additional assistance.

  31. "Yes, We'll Still Make Stuff," written by David Von Drehle, points out the growth of American manufacturing, stating that, “The death of American manufacturing has been exaggerated." I agree. As much as we think that the Americans are on their way to a major shutdown in terms of their auto industry, it’s not true. Clearly it’s not a concern to them, as according to David, we “are blind to the small and midsize companies replacing them.” Much of his writing does prove his statement to be very true. Although a whole workforce of manufacturers were placed out of their jobs at the rise of improving technology, sales were booming to the top.

    It may not be the Americans running the big auto industry; it may be the Japanese and Chinese and Korean and German and Italians, but Americans will even so be the worker. Highly skilled workers – disregarding the race – who produce high valued products will do really well in the manufacturing world, especially when you know that there are consumers who look forward to buying it! You just have to know what to keep home and let go. With the research and investment Americans put into their companies, “Product safety is” also “A big factor in their decisions about where to locate jobs.” An outrage like the one caused by lead paint found on toys in China, can really disturb America’s manufacturing repute.
    The concept of functions can be related to this article. The statement that “American workers doubled their productivity in less than a generation— which paradoxically, rendered millions of them obsolete,” can be plotted on a chart as a negative parabola on the 2nd quadrant. In which the X-axis determines the manufacturing industry and the y-axis determines the manufacturing workers, and the vertex states the status before the recession. The success of having the right workers in the right place with the right product could also be plotted as a function (√x^2).

  32. We’re Getting Off the Ladder

    “We’re Getting Off the Ladder” by Laura Fitzpatrick is an article about workplace conditions. Many people are affected by their workplace environment. Mass Career Customization (MCC) is a program that allows employees to have a more flexible workplace. Many employees like this program. At first, most employees weren’t that impressed by it. Some employees didn’t like it at all. Currently, companies are progressively adapting this program. The employers realize that it is better to give their employees more flexibility in the workplace. It will make the employees happier and it will make them function more efficiently. This program shows that if you ask for something, you might get it in return. It is really pretty simple.

    Reading this article changed my approach to learning at school. It has taught me to ask if I ever want anything. I should ask my teachers if I have any problems with my school work. I should ask my teachers if I need an extension in my projects. I should basically ask my teachers if I have any questions about school work and such. This year, in all of my classes, I intent to ask more questions inside and outside of class.

  33. 'Women Will Rule Business'

    Sure, having a balance between men and women is great for any workplace, but I don't agree on how this article specifies how a woman's work habits differ from a man's. I think this article generalizes too much on how women have a completely different and somewhat "better" working style than men, which is not true in all cases.

    It states in this article that women are "lucrative", "less competitive", and have "emotional-intelligence skills" which may sounds like great characteristics for a company, but may not always be true for ALL women. It may be because of a female's genetic make-up and past history that may cause women to generally act like this, however, this article makes it seem like women are needed because they are women and all women are the same.

    It also states that "Studies ... suggest that women manage more cautiously than men." This is a very specific statement to be said, and I am curious to know how these studies came up with statistical evidence to prove that all women do this. Aaaand, I've lost my train of thought so... To conclude, women have been pretty much fighting for equal rights with men, and now that we've got it, we should keep it that way. I've prefer to be hired because I'm a good worker and not because the workplace needs more women.

  34. When Gen X runs the Show

    This article was written about the workplace of 2019 and the changes it will have from our own today. The first point of this article and the main point being made is that the rule of the Baby Boomers is over. This large group of the population is getting relatively old and will soon begin to retire. Once they go who will come to take there place at the top of the corporate ladder? Who better to take the boomers place than generation Xers who have been living in the massive shadow of the baby boomers for too long. But the baby boomers will not entirely leave the show many of them will stay but instead as leader many will use there knowledge to temporarily help companies that need it. The second point of this article was that the years of climbing your way up the corporate ladder are over or soon to be. By 2019 no one will be working there way up to higher jobs but more and more people will be hired by companies for temporary work because it is cheaper for them. The third and final point is that by 2019 work will change to a point where you may never see your own partner. A team can be composed of five or more people spread around the earth. The article also said that schools as of today are not preparing us for this environment, and the best kind of practice we can get is from some of schools worst enemies, videogames like WOW or World Of Warcraft. In these games the team goes and completes missions without knowing each other and only communicating across cyberspace. They rely on each others strengths and their determination. The leader is the one who contributes the most.
    I agree with this article entirely the baby boomers are retiring and who else than generation X to replace them. Also the years of working your way up are ending people will start high in companies and work for short periods of time. The only difference I believe is that some of the baby boomer high jobs can be taken by highly promising and educated generation Yers. I believe this because the less experienced workers will need lower salaries and will be easier to keep than the older employees. I also agree that WOW is a good way to teach children about teams and working together. I don’t play but, but have seen others and it seems like a good idea and very lkely does work.

  35. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    I agree with this article because I find it really true that financial jobs are indeed decreasing, and mathematics and science related jobs are expanding. There are a lot of things in the world that are still undefined and unknown as to why they would occur or what caused it to occur. There's the science related job, where people could go and find out these things.

    Math could be included in this type of job depending on what they're trying to figure out. Math and science always tie together somehow, and together you could find out a lot of different things.

  36. Women Will Rule Business

    This article discusses the female approach to business and comments on how this approach will one day be sought out for its value to “make More Money.” It summarizes the benefits women have toward work ethic, and even compares the work style of women against the work style of men. One example from the article is that “women manage more cautiously than men do…men thrive on risk, especially when surrounded by other men…” In short, the article says that female approach to business, while once being ridiculed will be acknowledged and respected.

    While the underlying message of this article that men and women approach business in different ways, I do not agree with the article. I personally have worked the same job both under the management of a man and a woman, and while both of their approaches were different, it cannot be said that one approach was better than the other. Also, the article does not take into account that while these business tactics are common for some women, it does not apply to all women. Some women may in fact run a business similar to how the article describes a man’s approach to business, or in a way that was not described in the article. The article places women in business into one demographic without realizing that everyone approaches business in a different way.

    This article applies to the course because to rule a business requires commitment, organization and passion to your business, much like how learning requires those same approaches. If you can be committed to learning, have organization, and have the passion to want to learn, you can succeed. How the article applies to my approach to the course is that the article talks about thinking about the long term, and in taking this course in preparation for university, I am thinking and preparing for the future and whatever endeavors go along with it.

  37. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    This article talks about the advanced minds and technology we will be having in the next 10 years. As mentioned in the article “10 years ago we did not have facebook, and ten years before that there was not even a web”. Therefore we know that there will indeed be jobs in the future.

    When I read this fact I paused, because I felt ten years down the road there wont be jobs, especially now due to our great economy. I felt that man by the time I graduate to become anything there is no point there will be no place to work. However reading just that line helped me realize that you know what there is a job for me after all. So reading this article I would have to agree that there will be jobs in the future however not as we expect them to be, or how this article stated “no one is going to pay you for just showing up.” Instead our jobs will most defiantly become high tech, and growth, we look at our parents and say how could you have not had a Television and look at them as if they were insane and not lived there childhood years with fun of the television, or the fact that unless our parents took the time to educate themselves on how to use a computer majority of them would not be able to and they look at us like were insane and call it an addiction to computers.

    So, how will jobs remain you say, what jobs will stay? Well we know for a fact that the field of mathematics across to science will most defiantly expand. Whether its to create more efficient software’s, or an engineer, doctor, health care all of these jobs will continue to grow as our world is developing new and efficient ways to help us advance ourselves for the future. You can never say that this is enough high tech or this is efficient enough, as days pass by there will always be just one more new efficient thing passing through one persons mind to make our economy better and improved.

    In conclusion I would say that I most defiantly agree with this article that we will continue to have work growing for the future, However it will most assuredly be more high tech and growth than we expect to see today.

  38. "Women Will Rule Business"

    This article talks about how women in the business world and how they are moving higher and higher up the ladder. I agree that women have very differnt thinking strategies when comparing the men. It is a strategy that will last as a long term success. It is also important to keep a balance for the benefit of a long term success and for equality.

    I think that is it incredible how after so many years, women are now given a fair chance. Women are being recognized for their intelligence and capability. It is not that women want to take out all the men in the business world, they just want to be a part.

  39. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    This articles talks about how there is a huge decrease in the demand for the jobs in the finance and business sector because of the result of the weak economy. Many graduates would rather pursue there career into the math, science and imformation technology. Perhaps the health and education branch will be a good choice because of the aging of an aging population.

    This articles relates to this course because math is the basic foundation of technology. Without math many technology today would not be existent. Every bit of technology is start off with math like the calculator, the computer.

    This articles does apply to my approach because we are one year away from entering secondary edcuation. This allows me to have view what the workplace is like at the moment before entering the work force.

    Yes, I do agree with the article because the trend of career opportunities is in fact appearing.

  40. Why Boomers Can't Quit

    This article about the financial setback that hit the Boomers, who were about to retire, due to the economic collapse of 1998. The boomers was forced to delay their retirement for 9 years to make up for the lost money. The article explains why keeping the boomers in their workplace will benefit the rest of us. Their continuation as the majority age group of the workforce in America today will, develop more stores and jobs as they will spend their money freely.

    I agree with this article because i believe that it is important that we create more jobs, so that people can buy more things. Having the boomers in the workforce will force the younger generations to seek different jobs or create their own as the younger generations are more flexible and open to different jobs.

  41. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    In my opinion, this article gives an accurate degree of speculation on what is thought to be in store for us as a society in the (near) future, which I found to be very useful and helpful. The topic within each paragraph found in this article informs the reader that job positions in many businesses have already lost their appeals, and has provided me with a snapshot of the situation of jobs in general and has allowed me an insight of what is predicted to be found in the future.

    Additionally, this article elaborates on certain points that (if not already needed), will be recommended in the future, such as science and mathematics, which seem to be more and more desirable to each and every job due to it's advancement and accuracy.

    In summary, this article effectively informs all its willing readers that jobs are progressively becoming more difficult to find and keep. However, through all this negativity, we can find that this will simply be another evolutionary step for humanity, and the lack of jobs will encourage students and top grads to work harder to improve current situations. The article ends with few final words that state: “the key to finding jobs in the future will be knowing where to look.” This is a message to all readers reminding them that it is still unknown to us what is in the future, nor are we sure what type of business will be the “big moneymaker”.

    In regards to technology and the rises and falls of jobs, it is in relation with our course because we can surely be able to predict that mathematics will be looked at in every job and not only that, science will also be required in said jobs.

  42. I believe that this article brings up a lot of great points and possibly could turn out to be true; however I do disagree with some of the points stated in it. The first point of the article that I disagree with is where it says that men a risk takers when they work together which is why women should be in charge. I disagree with this because I believe that women don’t work together very well either, I believe that to have the best company you must have both men and women at the. If both men and women are running a company they will use each other’s strengths and be less dependent on their weaknesses. The second thing that I disagree with in this article is when it says that it is better to have women in power because they are less competitive; I think that this is actually a weakness of women in the work place because I believe that competition builds determination and overall success.
    However, there are still many things that I agree with in this article, one things being is that we need women need to market to women. Truly men don’t have a clue about what women want so how are we suppose to market to them. This also works in the reverse, men need to market to men because just like women men know what other men want. This point actually is a perfect example of my earlier argument; we can’t have one sex dominate the work place but actually a combination of both so that they can work together and not have to rely on their weaknesses. Why should a man try to market for women when it’s not his strength. I believe that the competitive risk taking personality of men combined with the long term vision of women creates a company that is sure to succeed.

  43. Women Will Rule Business

    I completely agree with the points in this article. Generally, women and men have different approaches and opinions on how to go about daily life. Although both men and women have proven successful in the business world thus far, I believe women will rule the business world in the future, or at least have much more power and contributions than they currently do. The flexible, lucrative leadership style of women will ensure a bright, promising future. The leadership style of women may even be what helps bring the economy out of its current recession.

    A woman's approach to business can also be applied to our math course. Working together, without being competitive, as many men sometimes are, will help every student to be successful. Establishing a proper balance between school, home, and social lives will create a stess-free, or at least almost stress-free, final year for our class. We can all benefit by applying a woman's leadership skills to this course, as well as our future.

  44. “Yes, We’ll Still Make Stuff” written by Davaid Von Drehle illustrates changes in the global market. The decrease of American manufacturing has been inflated with the media. United States of America still resides as the number one manufacturer in the world, followed by China. However, one of the major concerns the article raised is the growth in the manufacturing industry has no correlation to jobs. Rapidly improving technology has replaced employees, when quality is not a matter of life or death. In the future, only highly skilled workers will be in the manufacturing business. Another major concern raised by Drehle is quality control. Quantity is less important than quality. For example, recently in China scandals such as lead-paint-tainted toys and melamine-laced milk have risen.

    This article is directly related to our lives as grade 12s, as we have to make decisions for the next chapter in life. Reading this article may help one decide which career is in demand and to peruse. “Yes, We’ll Still Make Stuff” relates to math since it illustrates that there are no correlations between growth and jobs, quality and quantity.

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  46. It Will Pay to Save the Planet

    Let's face it. The people who are wealthy, will become wealthier. The poor will become poor. We continue to acculmulate to have more bills to pay. Further more of our fellow neighbours are coming into the streets. Our changing climate is another factor to be consider for the next generation. We are constantly remind to beware of what will happen if we do not take action. We do not have an absolute solution for global warming. Even if it is a short term solution to this everchanging climate, at least it is having its effects. Finding a way out of global warming is like finding a cure in cancer. Green jobs would be beneficial to our unfortunates in jobs oppurtunities and maybe in the environment too.

    Children of today, the future of tomorrow. Math is a basic form of thinking and logic. Someone once said, people with excellent math skills will have a better understanding, creativity, and locgical skills in whatever they do.

    Math is practically everywhere. It doesn't matter if I like math or not. It is to be needed. If math somehow helps people, i don't see why not. :) My friend once said, "Attack math with all your ninja stars of multiplication signs you have. Slice up everything with subtraction and piece it all back together with addition. We are always family."

  47. "Women Will Rule Business" written by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay was about how as more women enter the workforce; the female population will be able to rule "business". I thought that this article was partly biased because it was written by two women. However, I would still agree with some points made in the article. For example, "women are less competitive in a good way". I agree with this because a business can be managed well without any economic crisis if no risks are taken. However, business involves taking risks. With risks, it may help produce a greater profit for business at times. In conclusion, I think a well managed business company is necessary to have a management team of both sex to maximize the profit because with qualities of both male and female can help achieve a balance in decision making. Lastly, I truly believe that many women will be successful business leaders in the future because their intelligence, capability in decision making are recognized.

    This article on women’s approach to business can be related to our grade 12’s lives because women are less competitive, yet, intelligent. Therefore, the female students can also help the male students to succeed by helping them with problems for academic work. By establishing a balanced school environment, it can lead us to have less stress for our final year as high school students.

  48. This article from math class really discusses how vitally important manufactured goods and products should be located near the consumers-most importantly the Americans. It also touches upon the fact that other countries will be making stuff for the Americans, and also highly skilled workers producing high-value products will be able to advance themselves in the working industry. I believe that even though this article is about making products and supplying them to customers, this relates how in this course and really in anything one must be focused. Throughout this article I believe that focus now and in the future for companies will allow them to keep on making stuff!

  49. Training Managers to Behave

    Is there room for morals in the business world? A business school in Arizona, Thunderbird Field, feels that businesses without and strong morals are part of the cause of issues such as the Wall Street collapse.Personally, I agree with this point.

    In an ideal world, things such as corruption within a company, exploitation, and "under the table" deals will be abolished. Unfortunately we do not live in such a society. When sent into the working world, their main concern is to make money for the company, as long as the company makes money, they wouldn't care how it's done or who suffers in the process. These companies includes our very own banks, so how are we supposed to trust the people we leave our money to if they lack even the knowledge between right and wrong?

  50. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    It has become harder to find jobs and I agree with the article when it says that this forces people to choose their jobs more carefully. It really makes people think about what they want to be in the future and what they are able to be. Its not easy to get into a position nowadays so if you are going to put time and effort into getting a job you got to make sure it is a job that you like.

    This articles also says that financial jobs have become too common. It no longer appeal to students to get a job in the stock business. The jobs that are popular today are the science and technological ones. Technology is how we advanced as humans, whether it is nanotechnology or genomics it is the future.

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  52. 'yes, we'll still make stuff"
    yea i think americans will still make stuff in the future, after all they kinda own the world. But in the end, Americans will become the nothingness it started as because every great power has to fall. Who knows, maybe theyll make nothing at all!

  53. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth

    I personally agree with this article. It states that our society is losing employment options and is not allowing opportunities for many peole to gain jobs. Society is singling out the smarter, more educated individuals and focusing their time and effort on them. Overall, this article is showing how important education is relating to success.

    Society is advancing through technology and the importance of science, math, computers, etc. is more needed than ever before. Technology is advancing at such a fast rate that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the new tech. This coming generation will undoubtly discover and create new businesses and technologies of the future.

    Math is extremely important as it is a major part in technology today. I believe that it is almost vital to gain techonological knowledge for computers, sciences, and math to keep up with today's society. Who know's? maybe one day someone we know from our generation will invent the next best thing.

  54. "It Will Pay to Save the Planet"

    Clearly from the article green jobs is a win-win situation. Where it can save the Earth's depleting environment and also provide more jobs for the citizens. Nowadays it can be considered hard to find a job because of the poor economy, and with green jobs it would provide jobs allowing the decrease of unemployment rate. Also, the green job can save the earth's environment from being destroyed.

  55. It Will Pay to Save the Planet by Bryan Walsh

    This is an interesting article because the author writes about how the increase of “green jobs” can solve two problems in the coming future: the 8.9% + unemployment rate and the long-term climate crisis. This short article gives a generally factual overview. I agree with this solution in that our world has become a problem with the climate, global warming, pollution, and more. Creating more green jobs is an ideal solution, or at least an attempt to solve the unemployment rate and the climate crisis at the same time. Although during this process, energy prices (in the short term they say) will rise, and this solution does not guarantee to create a solar job for every unemployed (according to professor Andrew), I think it is still a step towards solving two problems at once, and it is an idealistic solution in the long-run.

    I think a greater understanding of functions will become useful in that many of the skills we learned/ experienced during this process will be needed in today’s job market, and certainly in the future. Of course, the most obvious skill is the math skills. We need to understand how to calculate certain things using the math skills we learned- for example: for the next 3 decades, green employment could provide up to 10% of all job growth- maybe we can use functions to explain this, or draw a graph and predict what it will be like after another few decades, the outcomes, and more. Not only do we need these basic math skills, we also need the skills for problem solving, analyzing, applying knowledge, and more. We apply the math skills we learned and then we use those math skills to solve similar real-life problems. Similarly, relating to this article, we need to be able to analyze how many unemployed people will the green jobs be able to provide jobs with, and vice- versa.

    After reading this article, it certainly reinforces me that math is certainly still one of the most important skills we need in the future. It is not only the math skills that are important, but also the problem solving and analysis skills that we also need to apply. I will try to learn math with an open-mind, and further develop these important skills, not just to get into a career related to math/science, but also be able to analyze, create solutions, and more in any career.

  56. This article is very interesting because it mentions that the older generation (baby boomers) hadn’t saved enough for retirement, therefore, they will have to delay their retirement by nearly nine years and work harder in order to cover what they have lost in the market. Their savings can be used in order to survive in the future and provide their children with support. I agree with what this article is saying because it makes sense that baby boomers keeping their jobs has both a positive and negative effect. This article also mentions that the older generation hanging onto their jobs will avoid making room for the younger generation to be a part of the workforce. This article mentions that the unemployment rate will surpass 10% because the normal retirement rate has been disrupted. The positive aspect is that the more people working make more people work, spend freely, which creates jobs and a stronger economy. Blackberry (research in motion) is a company that was created by young people with a brilliant idea for the use of phones and emails. Today hi tech developments gave these young entrepreneurs the ability to start this type of business. It now trades in the stock market and continually employee’s people.
    I definitely agree with the fact that younger workers are likely to start new businesses and come up with many ideas because they are younger and more flexible when it comes to finding work. More participation in the workforce is better for us.
    This article applies to this course because it further proves that math is one of the most important components in the makeup of an economy. Interest rates, loans, accounting and spending money on goods, all deal with money and is a direct and indirect function of the global economy and in this case how it relates to the work force. We can use this course to help us analyze certain trends in the economy through graphs and find certain relationships. For example, as the article states, the more workers in the workforce, the higher the amount of spending and this will increase our GDP. We can analyze this graph and come to realize many solutions, such as the baby boomers saving enough money and the younger generation taking their spot and making the economy prosper.
    In approaching this course this year, in relation and functions, it is important to keep an open mind and look for new concepts that I can apply and ideas that will help me succeed in the course and get great marks. After reading this article, it made me think that math is an important skill that we need in the future and it will make us have great problem solving and analysis skills that will allow us to make good decisions. This article motivates me to the extent that I will be more successful in the future because it show how younger generation are more flexible, therefore, I will gather as much knowledge as I can in order to attend university next year. I will also work hard and hope that I will be apart of the workforce as a Chartered Accountant in the future.


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