Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review: Trigonometic Functions

Trigonometic Funtions Part 1

Radian Measures
  • 2radians = 360 degrees, radians = 180 degrees
  • to convert degrees to radians, multiply degree by (/180)
  • to convert radians to degrees, multiply radians by (180/)

Special Angles

  • you can use the unit circle to solve
  • use special angles with unit circle

Equivalent Trigonometric Expressions

  • use the cofunction identity sinx = cos (/2 - x) to determine equivalent trigonometric expressions

Compond Angle Formula

  • apply equivalent trigonometric expressions to compund angle formula
  • determine exact trigonometric ratios for angles expressed as sums or differences or special angles


  • treat each side independantly and transform expression on one side into exact form of the other

Trigonometric Functions Part 2

Sine, Cosine, and Tan Graphs
  • y=sinx and y=cosx graphs have amplitude of 1 and a period of 2 and can be transformedy=tanx has no amplitude and no maximum or minimum


  • reciprocals are different from it's inverse
  • csc means 1/sinx
  • sec means 1/cosx
  • cot means 1/tanx

Mapping Rule

  • g(x) = af [k(x-d)] + c
  • a represents amplitude
  • d represents phase shift
  • c respresents vertical translation


  • 2/k


  • max - min / 2

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