Sunday, October 18, 2009

Solving Inequalities, October 18, 2009, Tobias Budirahaju, Period 1

In the past few days we have been learning how to solve inequalities in class. We have learned two main methods on how to solve inequalities. One using technology, and one algebraically.

when using technology to solve inequalities you would usually use a graphing calculator. You would plug the equation into the graphing calculator and then graph it. Using the resulting graph you would be able to determine the answer to solve inequalities because the graph will give you important information such as x intercepts, the co-ordinates of specific points and etc.

When solving inequalities algebraically there is two different methods you can choose from. The first method is that you can graph the function. Graphing the function will allow you to solve for inequalities the same way technology would, by graphing you will see the graph and all the points, thus giving you the necessary information needed to solve the question being asked. However you can also solve the inequality by using strictly algebra. First you would take the equation given and put it into factored form. Then you would figure out the characteristics of the graph by plugging in different x's that will tell you if the graph is positive or negative at that point.

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